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Death Colossus Bael by Agreus Death Colossus Bael by Agreus
Here is my Rift Colossus entry: Death Colossus

Ahren and his Black Mare galloped across the Abyssal plane, he always made great haste when crossing this particular valley. Rumors of Vampires and other foul creatures were passed on bye a well renowned explorer at a local Inn. Glorious armor and an ancient spear were gleaming brilliantly in the sunset, evidence of his successful exploration of a nearby crypt earlier that day.
Overhead crackles of lightning and a blanket of clouds began to form in an ethereal violet vortex disrupting the sky. He dug his spurs to the dismay of the horse into its belly. He drove his horse as hard as she would go, because he had seen these storm clouds and he knew very well what preceded these eerie formations. After a long battle with the undead and other lesser creatures, Ahren was weary, and had no energy to fight another horde of ghouls or vampires …or whatever the Rift would bring with it.
With out warning A mighty thunderclap bore a hole into the clouds exposing an emerging Rift. Ahren had dealt with rifts before, but this Rift did indeed worry him..this Rift was a death Portal. Few had survived these encounters, even less remained to tell the tale. "Hyah!!" he drove the Black mare onward.
An incredible force tossed him as well as his faithful stead into the air, the horse almost lost its footing on the crumbling earth. Massive Spires bore out from underground and a tangle of Rift tendrils spewed fourth from the sky. Ahren turned his head immediately, to his horror a massive hulking figure the likes of which had never been seen exposed himself in the glowing sunset light. With even more determination he rode onward. Scarlet grunted and snorted while the galloping turned into a full blown sprint. His gaze fell back onto the colossus which seemed to be fixated on him as well. The mighty titan strode forward raising back an ungodly two handed sword. Each footstep led to a massive tremor. The rift itself seemed to emanate out of this creatures form. As far as he could tell the colossus was no more than living armor, the inside of the carapace was void of form, but in its place was an incredible energy; a spiraling vortex of the rift itself. The Giant made an awful sound of grinding metal and an unmistakable hum of some sort of energy trapped deep within the vile Creature.
Before he knew it the mighty sword was being drawn down upon him. The atmosphere crackled as the giant blade made contact. In an instant Ahren and his horse were completely pulverized. His new found armor and Relics lay next to his corpse still gleaming but saturated in blood. His Greed had cost him dearly for the armor belonged to Regulos, and he sent his champion to retrieve it.
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yigitkoroglu Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
a nice painting, wish you best luck bro
Agreus Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
Much appreciated!!
Agreus Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
I wish i had more watchers..need comments hehe
TsarCube Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011
It's very nice, you should consider submitting it to a couple of groups, that way you will get more views on it and hence more comments/favs.
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